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About Taxi 020 and how to order!

Taxi 020 is easy to recognize, we are the company with the yellow cars all around Stockholm. 99,7% of all our cars are so called “Green cars”.

Our task is to take you affordable, comfortably and smoothly to and from the airport or where and to you want to go. We can also offer you a guided tour in Stockholm with our certified Taxi guides.

To book your Taxi 020 should be easy and quick.

Call 020-20 20 20 (from abroad +46 8 85 04 00)

Download our app and get a fixed price before you book!

Use our web booking which you will find at

If you have any questions you are always welcome to call or e-mail us!

Call and order:

In Stockholm

020-20 20 20

In Gothenburg

020-93 93 00

From abroad

+46 8 85 04 00