It is easy to reserve a taxi at a fixed price in our app

  • It is easy to reserve a taxi at a fixed price throughout Sweden with Taxi 020!
  • Always fixed price in our app
  • Flexible payment methods directly in the app

About us

Service, quality and diversity

3,000 dedicated men and women from 55 different nations from their respective cultures strongly contributed to the positive development Taxis 020 had since the start of 1994.

Originally the company was owned by their carriers, but since 2008 is 020 Taxi part of Cabonline Group a group with about 7000 cars. Cabonline Group is Europe's leading technology and service provider to the taxi industry with technology that simplifies the process for fleet owners, drivers and customers. The Group has annual sales of 5 billion and is thus among the 250 largest companies in Sweden.

Taxi 020 is today operating in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Borås. Our strongest characteristic is the yellow color as well as our active environmental work. Taxi 020 has a wide range of services and caters to anyone who takes a taxi, whether private, for work, or through special transport, school and disability travel.

Privacy policy for Taxi 020 Windows 8 application

We protect our users' privacy and does not store any data that can be linked to specific individuals.

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